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An appealing dark rich red. Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage blend, with strawberry and wild raspberry on the nose. Oak and light tannins offer well structured underlying complexity. A dry red wine suitable for game drives, sundowners and everyday occasions. 

(1 X 750ML & 6 X 750ML, WOODED, ALC: 12.47%, TA: 5.6 g/l, PH: 3.52, RS: 2.8 g/l)

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Hints of nettle and fresh cut grass on the nose. Gooseberry and tropical fruit full the pallet complimented by well-structured zesty dry finish. Suitable for game drives, sundowners and everyday occasions.

(1 X 750ML & 6 X 750ML, UNWOODED, ALC: 12.43%, TA: 5.7 g/l, PH: 3.4, RS: 3.9 g/l)

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