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The very finest batches of our Cape Brandy, individually approved by our Brandy Master and selected to reflect the true spirit of the Klein Karoo. Distilled from chenin blanc and colombard grapes and matured for at least a decade in our underground cellars. A full, fruit-driven nose with soft nuances of vanilla. A gentle hint of sherry and rich dried apricots are accompanied on the palate by subtle spice and oak. The finish is soft, lingering and perfectly balanced.

(1 X 750ML & 6 X 750ML, ALC: 40%)

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This VSOP represents the perfect balance between the signature fruit-forward character of Klein Karoo brandy, and the complexity of oak maturation. A nose of candied pineapple, passion fruit and banana, perfectly complemented by fig flavours and a touch of spice. Aged for at least five years in French oak barrels, ensuring a particularly smooth finish. Perfect for sipping neat or with a splash of water.

(1 X 750ML & 6 X 750ML, ALC: 40%)

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A lively VS packed with aromas of apple, pear and orange peel. Matured in French 

oak barrels for at least three years, a year longer than a typical VS. This yields a particularly smooth and complex young brandy – perfect for mixing and the ideal base 

for a brandy cocktail.

(1 X 750ML & 6 X 750ML, ALC: 40%)

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A unique brandy distilled from Muscadel grapes, sourced from the Barrydale area in the Klein Karoo. Muscat aromas with quince, litchi and a hint of lemon rind. The palate is luxuriously complex - sultana, honey, marmalade, dried peach and just a touch of cinnamon spice. The perfect digestif.

(1 X 500ML & 6 X 500ML, ALC: 40%)

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