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Deep purple core with a bright inviting rim. Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage blend with an appealing nose offers ripe berry flavours integrated with wood. The body is well balanced with berry and subtle tannin extracts. This is an everyday dry red wine suitable for all occasions.

(1 X 750ML & 12 X 750ML, WOODED, ALC: 12.52%, TA: 5.24 g/l, PH: 3.61, RS: 2.8 g/l)

SSW merlot.png
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Red berry on the nose and palate follows with cherry, plum and blackcurrant yet well balanced with hints of oak on long fruit driven finish.

(1 X 750ML & 12 X 750ML, WOODED, ALC: 13.05%, TA: 5.36 g/l, PH: 3.5, RS: 2.93 g/l)

SSW sauv blanc.png
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Lively fruit on the nose and palate with nettles fresh-cut grass tropical fruit and good natural acidity providing a good structure to a well balanced finish. A classical, exciting new world wine.

(1 X 750ML & 12 X 750ML, UNWOODED, ALC: 12.47%, TA: 5.4 g/l, PH: 3.51, RS: 3.3 g/l)

SSW chenin.png
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Invigorating light golden colour. Crisp Chenin Blanc tones deliver hints of tropical fruit on the nose and palate. A lingering fresh dry aftertaste makes this a superb wine for all occasions. It will go particularly well with spicy food, fresh fish and salads.

(1 X 750ML & 12 X 750ML, UNWOODED, ALC: 11.98%, TA: 5.4 g/l, PH: 3.5, RS: 2.4 g/l)

SSW semi sweet white.png
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Light golden hue with generous tropical fruit upfront. Chenin Blanc with full fresh lively palate yet well balanced sweet fruit structure, with a semi sweet finish. Delicious when chilled especially with spicy food and meat dishes however, fantastic on its own.

(1 X 750ML & 12 X 750ML, UNWOODED, ALC: 12.17%, TA: 5.3 g/l, PH: 3.53, RS: 18.8 g/l)

SSW rose.png
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Lively pink colour with bold tones upfront on the nose. Sweet notes with full mouth sweet berry flavours follow through into the after taste with a silky smooth finish.

(1 X 750ML & 12 X 750ML, UNWOODED, ALC: 12.18%, TA: 5.1 g/l, PH: 3.62, RS: 2.76 g/l)

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